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We work mainly with the right to asylum for LGBTQ applicants, and as counsels for the injured party in criminal trials. The right to asylum for you who are subject to persecution in your home country on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is protected under international law. The Swedish Migration Board also have an obligation to pay particular attention to the special needs and rights of LGBTQ asylum applicants during the asylum process. 

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Joakim Lundqvist

Joakim took his LL.M at Stockholm University in 2017. He did his masters thesis on the assessment made by the Migration court in Stockholm regarding impediments to effect transfers under the Dublin regulation.

He has been taking part in different legal advice clinics for mostly undocumented migrants since 2014, among others in the legal advice group with No One is Illegal in Stockholm. He has worked at the secretariat of the Swedish section of Amnesty International as a case officer.

Languages: Swedish, English


Telephone: +46 (0) 702 56 90 18


Silas Aliki

Silas took their LL.M at Stockholm University, 2016. Their thesis addressed the situation for immigrants transferred from immigrant detention to prison. It was the first big academic work on that area in Sweden. 

During their education, Silas worked with legal advice to asylum seekers in different settings, and as a leader of lgbtq youth groups. Silas also is part of the network of movement lawyers in Stockholm, who works with developing methods for lawyers to assist new social movements with legal expertise. 

Silas also works as a freelance writer for various Swedish newspapers and magazines.

Languages: Swedish, English, German.


Telephone: +46 (0)739 60 43 93

areas of law

Migration law


If you fled your home country due to persecution, or the risk of persecution, have the right to apply for asylum in Sweden. 

Being threatened or persecuted by the state, society in general, or your family, due to your sexual orientation or gender identity, may constitute a ground for right to asylum in Sweden. In many cases, you have the right to a public counsel paid by the state to support you in the asylum process. You can then decide which public counsel you want. We work as public counsels assisting lgbtq asylum applicants in their contacts with the Migration Board, the migration courts, and the European Court of Human Rights.

Immigration detention

If you are subject to immigration detention, you have the right to be assisted by a lawyer. We provide legal advice and representation to migrants detained in removal centres and prisons. 

Enforcement obstacles to deportation

If your asylum application was rejected, and you have received a decision af removal, there is in some cases possible to claim impediments to removal. In those cases, you might get a new trial. This applies if there are new circumstances in your case that have not been assessed earlier, and that you have not been able to bring up earlier. 

What are considered new circumstances vary, but "coming out" as ab LGBTQ individual always are considered a new circumstance. Other factors can be a drastically worsened situations for LGBTQ persons in your home country, if you are wanted by officials, or if you have been subject to media attention. 

Criminal law

Counsel for injured parties

If you are subject to hate crime, assault, sexual violence, or threatened with the same, you have the right to your own counsel. It is a lawyer with the task to assist you during the trial, and make sure your voice are heard. The cost is paid by the state. You have the right to choose your own counsel to represent you during the trial.


Private counsels

We also undertake private assignments, in cases where the cost are not paid by the state. In some cases, the cost will then be paid by your insurance, or by the rättshjälp.



We hold lectures on the asylum process for LGBTQ applicants, and the international rulings on the subject, for asylum seekers, activists, law firms and authorities, in both Swedish and English. 



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